Sabatier Professional Manual Food Chopper & Mixer

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SABATIER PROFESSIONAL products are the professional’s choice. With its roots in 19th Century Thiers, France, the SABATIER PROFESSIONAL brand represents uncompromising attention to detail using superior quality materials. The range includes a full compliment of knives and kitchen accessories.

The Manual Food Chopper includes a powerful pull-cord mechanism that will blitz through onions in seconds. Makes light work of chopping onions, garlic, nuts & more. Simply pull the handle to quickly blitz your ingredients for pasta sauces, stir fries & home made pesto. With a non-slip base, generous 800ml storage container with lid & removable blades for easy cleaning. Also includes a handy blending paddle for silky smooth pancake batter & even home made butter.

Making your own butter is easier than you think! Pour 500ml of room temperature whipping cream into the Sabatier Professional Food Chopper & Mixer, with the blending paddle attached. Churn gently for 3-4 minutes. The fat & buttermilk will quickly begin to separate. Pour off the buttermilk & save for your next baking recipe. Scrape the butter into a chilled bowl & rinse with ice cold water, kneading the butter with a spatula & pouring off the liquid. Repeat until the water is clear. Add a little salt & shape the butter as desired, squeezing out any remaining liquid. Makes approximately 200g, which will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

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Brand Sabatier Professional
Product Feature Recyclable Packaging, Dishwasher Safe