Quantum Q50 Series Damascus Steel Santoku Knife 17cm

Item No.
8Cr14MoV blade core
76 layer damascus steel
60HRC minimum hardness
Traditional hamaguriba grind profile
Pakkawood handle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Guarantee

We’re proud to introduce a new range of super-premium damascus steel knives.

So what exactly is Damascus steel? Medieval swordsmiths in the Middle East were renowned for the quality of their blades, forged from ingots of “Wootz” steel imported from the Indian continent. Their swords were characterised by distinctive swirling patterns formed by the lamination of strips of hammer-welded steel. The technique for making this steel was lost over the centuries, but in modern times craftsmen have succeeded in recreating the characteristics of this legendary material.

Quantum Q50 knives feature a blade “core” made with premium exotic alloy 8Cr14MoV - often referred to as VG-10 steel. These super-steels typically contain 1% carbon to create an extremely hard cutting edge. This core is sandwiched between 66 layers of 2 alloys of premium blade steel. This process exploits the best properties of each of the steel alloys for the ideal combination of hardness, flexibility & corrosion resistance. When the blade is ground to the classic convex “hamaguriba” taper profile, the minute variations in the thickness of these layers reveal the stunning pattern characteristic of Damascus steel. The pakkawood handles are finished and detailed by hand.

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Brand Taylor's Eye Witness
Product Feature Stainless Steel