KAI Shun and Taylors Eye Witness Event

The invitation read…

“An evening of Champagne and Sushi featuring the impeccable knife skills of renowned sushi chef Mr. Kazuomi Ota, Head Chef at the Hi Hotel in Nice. Demonstrating knife techniques that will leave you spellbound, Mr. Ota will prepare your sushi using the ultimate high performance KAI Shun knives.”

…and spellbound we were!

In attendance to see how the Samurai-inspired KAI Shun knives perform in the hands of a master were the Daily Mail, FHM Magazine, Good Houskeeping, FHM, Good Housekeeping, the Sun, Esquire, BBC Easy Cook, Ask Men and more.

Download the press release to see who else joined us and what they all said about the knives and the evening.

Press Release

You can find out more about the range in our KAI section.

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