Sabatier Professional L’expertise Céramique

L’expertise Céramique kitchen knives are the result of over 175 years of knife-making know-how. Their blade edge is finely ground and highly polished for superb edge-retention and resilience. And of course with the super sharp cutting performance you’d expect from Sabatier Professional.

Ceramic blades are super sharp and stay that way far longer than steel blades. They will not corrode and in use will prevent the discolouration and tainting of food.

The technology used in the manufacture of our ceramic knives ensures that the zirconia blade core is extremely compact and strong. This helps to give the blade a longer life and superior flexural strength.

  • Superior zirconia ceramic blades
  • Soft grip counter-balanced handle
  • Stay razor sharp for longer than steel knives
  • With protective blade guards

Download the Sabatier Ceramique brochure

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